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'You should be the creator of your own story, your own muse.'
SIE was born from a desire to create your own story, putting a feeling to a creation that empowers women and evokes beauty.

Each and every piece, both timeless and effortlessly cool, is dreamt up with you in mind, transcending time and never intended for only one season. To us, season-less doesn't only represent the time of the year, but also the 'seasons' of your life. Each collection, consciously created, is a labor of love reflecting our love of the past, sustainable handpicked materials, and the little details that set them apart. All of our pieces are produced locally in LA, in limited quantities, just for you. 

Aligned with our ethos, each step in our process is done with intention. From our materials to our team, our journey never stops, always evolving and working with our partners to reduce our carbon footprint and represent inclusivity. Our passion of giving back, is one of our biggest goals that we hope to build on each and every day.  

SIE tells our story, while becoming part of yours. 
Stay tuned for more magic in the works.



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