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Here at SIE, we believe in being the best version of yourself, feeling your best and
being your own muse. This is the drive behind each and every one of our pieces.
SIE represents all women, their aspirations and achieving them - after our founder,
Chelsie's dream of inspiring women to create their own destiny. Pronounced S_I_E,
after her uniquely spelt name and representative of the ultimate vision of empowerment,
the acronym is ever evolving.

Our Hawaii-based brand was conceived with a desire to create effortlessly cool,
stylish pieces to create your own stories in, are timeless, and remain a staple in your wardrobe for a long time.
The collection, responsibly created keeping you in mind, incorporates quality, handpicked upcyled
and sustainable materials, along with our signature SIE rose gold lining,
and focuses on the little details that set them apart. 

Aligned with our ethos, each step in our creative process is done with intention.
From the creative design process all the way down to our packaging, we are
always on a journey to sourcing and working with people that share our same
vision of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.
All of our pieces are produced locally in LA, and in select batches, just for you. 

As we evolve, we strive to be able to give back and partner with organizations,
people and initiatives that we are passionate about such as climate change,
animal rescue and mental health.  

SIE SWIM is the vision come to life of an effortlessly cool, yet feminine woman on
a mission to save the world, while feeling her best. 

Stay tuned for more magic in the works.



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