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SIE pronounced S - EYE - EE (a play on founder Chelsie's last three letters of her name); personal and practical - representing acronyms with our ever evolving stories and passions.

'You should be the creator of your own story, your own muse.' SIE was born from a desire to create your own story, putting a feeling to a creation that empowers all walks of life and inspired by intentionality.

Each piece, thoughtfully crafted and slow fashion, transcends time and is never intended for only one season. To us, season-less doesn't only represent the time of the year, but also the 'seasons' of your life. A labor of love reflecting our love of the past, design and creativity, in limited quantities.

But more than fashion, aligned with our ethos, the heart of SIE lies in representation, sustainability, mental health and integrity.

SIE tells our story, while becoming part of yours.


Our ethos centers around a slow fashion, responsible and ethical business. Being socially and environmentally responsible for our people and planet. We choose to produce locally in LA in limited quantities, of sourced deadstock and recycled luxury materials. The high quality recycled knits are made of recycled water bottles and post consumer materials. This allows for lower greenhouse gas emissions while conserving water and energy in the process. These quality fibers also have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification to ensure that these recycled yarns are free of harmful substances. What is a deadstock fabric? Deadstock fabrics are leftover materials from fashion houses that overestimate and are excess from their production. They are normally sent to landfills. By using these fabrics, it saves them from ending up landfills, along with eliminating the need to produce a new synthetic fabric and the water used to produce it.

Our local partners and businesses that we work with have all become our friends. It is important for us to be able to drive around within a 20 mile radius to connect on our creations. Before each piece is even put out into the world, an entire story has already been created.

We use 100% recycled paper for all mailers, tissue paper and thank you cards printed with water based inks. We switched from our previous biodegradable mailers after doing more research to find out that not many bio waste places were immediately available to the general public.

Giving Back is essential to who we are. We take it as our responsibility to give back where we can to some of our favorite organizations who support our biggest passions of sustainability, mental health and animal rescue. Some of our most recent donations have gone to the National Alliance on Mental Illness Hawaii, Paws of Hawaii, Fur Angel Foundation, NSW Rural Fire Service, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Wildlife Rescue South Coast Australia. We continue to partner with organizations near and far.

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